Purple Cactus Massage

A relaxing, therapeutic massage including therapeutic oils,
reflexology, trigger point therapy, deep tissue and
Myofascial Release.
60 minutes $85.00
90 minutes $120.00

120 minutes $140.00

Foot Reflexology

Based on the theory that specific areas on the feet
are reflexes that relate to other parts of the body.
30 minutes $45.00

Healing Amethyst BioMat Therapy

BioMat restores balance and energy within your body while delivering far infrared rays and negative ions through the power of amethyst crystal. Amethyst is known to be the best conductor of far infrared light.
30 minutes $45.00

Therapeutic Grade Oils

"Whole oil"
When an essential oil is distilled, the process is performed over a period of time. They are naturally occurring volatile oils obtained by steam distillation, having the characteristic aroma of the plant part from which it is derived.

Massage & Private Yoga

30 minute Yoga with 60 minute Massage
Therapeutic Grade Oils & Complimentary Steam Room

60 minute Private Yoga $70


Mary Pollock - Massage Practitioner
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